3 Ways Sushi/Salad Bars Can Use Online Ordering Systems

The Oddle online ordering system is a favourite amongst salad stores and sushi bars. They can customise their online ordering system’s frontend menus and sort out the pressing orders easily on the online ordering system. Today, we share with you 3 more ways salad stores and sushi bars can make use of the online ordering system.

#1 Clarify Orders

Customisation of salad and sushi rolls orders often lead to miscommunication between customer and staff. With Oddle’s online ordering system, customers can now leisurely browse through the online ordering system’s frontend menu to decide on their meal without feeling rushed. While on the store’s end, staff can now receive orders clearly listed out on the online ordering system’s backend without making any errors in noting orders. Everyone’s happy!

#2 Revamp Your Menu

The online ordering system’s backend data shows you what are the top selling items which helps you plan for promotions through the online ordering system. Neither do we forget the items that aren’t selling so well on your online ordering system’s frontend menu. Knowing what sells well and what doesn’t helps for re-organizing your online ordering system’s frontend menu to fit your customers’ palates. Alternatively, access to customer data also provides you with a channel to contact them and understand their online ordering experience as well as why certain items on your online ordering menu’s frontend menu are less appealing.

#3 Offer Lunch Set Meals

Many of our sushi and salad bar clients serve the lunch time office crowd in the CBD. But there’s only so much space in-store for sit-down meals in CBD. Online ordering has become a popular alternative for purchasing lunch sets and boxes to the office, especially when there are lunch meetings. You could offer lunch set meals through the online ordering system with simple variations such as drinks and side dishes to make it easy for the ordering hero who’s taking everyone’s orders in the office. This will be effective for bulk online orders and thus boost your sales through the online ordering system.

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