3 Ways Restaurants Can Use Online Ordering Systems

The Oddle online ordering system is a great option for restaurants with multiple outlets looking to expand their business online. The logistics of running a restaurant without an online ordering system is a tough load for restaurant managers. We know it ourselves too because our boss is a restaurateur too and he can’t imagine life without an online ordering system for managing his orders. Furthermore, it often takes extra effort to review how different outlets are doing or even how multiple brands are doing. Today, we share with you 3 ways restaurateurs or restaurant managers can make use of the online ordering system.

#1 Internal Ordering

If several of your dishes require delivery from a central kitchen, our online ordering system makes it easy for restaurant outlet managers to order online according to their needs. Moreover, you can then keep track of all internal orders on the online ordering system’s backend without spending extra time collating.

#2 Manage Separate Brands Under One Account

Some of the clients using our online ordering system do have several brands under one account. On the frontend, they have one online ordering site for each brand. Yet at the same time, online orders from each brand are managed altogether at the online ordering system backend which simplifies the process without them having to access different accounts. This allows for ease of management without compromising on individual branding.

#3 Multiple Outlets Order Sorting

Customise your settings on the online ordering system backend to allow for autorouting of online orders to the outlet that is nearest to your customer. You can also choose to set a maximum number of orders on the online ordering system backend within a timeslot so that popular outlets are not overloaded with online orders. Get to save precious time on redirecting phone call orders to a different outlet because everyone gets to see the updated incoming orders on the online ordering system backend. Plus, even offline orders such as walk-in and phone orders can be easily entered into the online ordering system backend through an iPad.

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