3 Ways Bakeries Can Use Online Ordering Systems

Bakeries make up the a majority of our clients because the need to place advanced orders for cakes and pastries is not a function on marketplace service providers like Foodpanda and Deliveroo. We’ve always been sharing about how the online ordering system is really suitable for all F&B businesses. Then one day as we sat down to review what we’ve been sharing, we realised that we needed something more specific for you. For you, the baker. How can Oddle’s online ordering system help with your bakery?

#1 Display Your Cakes & Pastries

A baker’s online ordering menu is just like your in-store cake counter display. If customers can’t be there in person, bring it online right before their eyes through an online ordering system. Even if they don’t order online, they might be tempted to visit your store itself. The Oddle online ordering system frontend menu is hassle-free and much easier to manage than a full website. Why settle for less when you can achieve the double purposes of online ordering and display at the same time with an online ordering system? Check out Hafscake and Pulse Patisserie tempting display of cakes on their online ordering menu.

#2 Customise your Cakes

Every customer gets to customise their cakes to their heart’s desire, that is, if you let them. Play around with the variants and add-ons of each menu item; you could choose to offer different cake sizes, cupcake flavours on your online ordering system’s frontend menu. As well as more options for the health-conscious, gluten-free, sugar-free or eggless options-preferring customers. See Jonathan’s baked goods online ordering menu to get an idea.

#3 Manage Ordering Logistics Easily

If downloading orders from your website, receiving orders through phone calls and email and then sorting them out are proving to be too much for your workload, it’s time to switch to an online ordering system. When all the orders become funnelled to the online ordering system’s backend, it automatically sorts out which orders are most pressing. You can also set a limited number of collection or delivery slots to match your production capacity on the online ordering system’s backend. Saving time on all this logistics and more, you get to spend more quality time exploring new baked creations for your online ordering system frontend menu.

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