3 Advantages Of Online Ordering Systems — Growing Your F&B; Business

Wondering about the expansion of fellow F&B businesses with online food ordering? We share the advantages of taking your F&B business online with a white-label online ordering system.

#1 Customers can order anytime, anywhere

A Mobile-Friendly Online Ordering System

Sometimes, we crave for some food and want to make that food delivery order immediately, making a call to the restaurant. Hey, but what about midnight cravings when the favourite restaurant is closed? Online ordering systems come to the rescue here! Capture all those lost customers who can’t call in, whether the line is occupied or it’s the middle of the night and your restaurant isn’t open. They can always pick up their food first thing the next day because your online ordering system which runs 24/7 has saved the day. Our online ordering system’s mobile-friendly frontend menu simplifies things and customers can truly order from anywhere too.

#2 Maximise the potential of kitchen capacity

Make Full Use Of Your Kitchen Even During Off-Peak Hours!

Lull hours — a common headache for F&B owners. Off peak hours makes a waste of precious resources like man-hours and rental costs. With an online ordering system in place, you can now arrange for pickups/deliveries during off peak slots. It’s a win-win situation: Customers get to pre-collect their meals and avoid long queues during lunch crowd. On your end, the kitchen can focus on dine-in orders during peak hours and stay relatively busy during off peak hours with orders incoming from the online ordering system. Interestingly, almost half of the transactions that we have processed are pick-up orders.

#3 Increase revenue stream with omni-channel sales

Your Key To Expanding Your F&B Business

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If you are thinking of growing and expanding your business beyond the 4 walls of your restaurant, online ordering systems are the way to go. Capture your online audience such as Facebook fans through an online ordering system’s frontend menu as an additional sales channel for deliveries and takeaways. Look forward to the food online orders rolling in.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first part in our series of advantages of online ordering systems. Look out for more upcoming articles!

Find out how Oddle’s online ordering system works to benefit your F&B business online here or contact us for a live demo.

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