3 Advantages Of Online Ordering Systems — Cutting Costs For F&B

Looking for a low cost, high value option for your F&B online ordering business? We share the advantages of taking your F&B business online with a white-label online ordering system. In Part 2 of this series, let us reveal how you can cut costs with your own online ordering system’s frontend menu.

#1 Avoid high transaction costs with third-party online ordering marketplace platforms

Save On Per-Transaction Charges

Of course, we understand the need to leverage on the marketing benefits that third-party online ordering marketplaces such as Deliveroo and FoodPanda can offer F&B businesses. However, when it comes to recurring customers that have been ordering repeatedly from us, it clearly doesn’t make sense to pay per-transaction fees that are supposedly paid for drawing in new business. Instead, a white label online ordering system is a better long-term solution that can help to retain customers and reduce costs. Definitely advantageous to F&B businesses to get your own online ordering system and frontend menu since a flat rate is charged regardless of the number of online orders received and collated on your online ordering system backend.

#2 Save on resources handling orders from calls

Let Your Staff Focus On Dine-In Customers

An online ordering system does exactly what its name states, allowing your customers to order directly from the online ordering system’s menu. No more man hours spent on taking calls and manually confirming them again later on. The additional advantage of Oddle’s online ordering system is that it allows for automatic funnelling of incoming orders with an order confirmation sent to the customer simply with a click on your side on the online ordering system iOS app.

#3 Minimise delivery costs

Choose When To Deliver

Another advantage of Oddle’s online ordering system is its integration with delivery partners. The cost-saving thing is, you get to choose if you want to deliver your food through a third-party or settle it in-house. This comes in especially useful if your customers are mainly situated in a small radius around your restaurant. Save on the per transaction delivery costs, especially during off peak hours when the restaurant can spare a hand or two for delivery.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the second part in our series of the advantages of online ordering systems. Third one coming soon!

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