3 Advantages Of Online Ordering Systems — Boosting F&B Sales And Marketing

Thinking of boosting your F&B business’ sales and marketing? Your very own online ordering system allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

In Part 4 of this series, let us impress you with the marketing and sales advantages of an online ordering system.

#1 Showcase your restaurant’s online ordering menu

Seduce Taste Buds With Mouth-Watering Pictures

An online ordering system frontend menu is one of the key advantages of an online ordering system. It actually serves more purposes than a customized online ordering system developed by web developers. While it is ideal to have your own restaurant website on top of an online ordering system, not every F&B business has the budget to manage an online ordering website. Your online ordering system’s frontend menu then becomes a complete visual display of your best menu offerings. Even if a customer does not intend to order delivery through the online ordering system, your online ordering menu still serves as a source for him/her to decide on whether to dine in. This indirectly boosts sales even for dine-in.

#2 Tap on customer data pool

Re-Market To Existing Customer Base

Top Sales Items

The advantage of receiving orders through an online ordering system is that whenever a customer places an order, their contact details are retained in your online ordering system backend account. Instead of worrying how to draw new customers, you can make full use of these one-time customers’ data to push out new menu items or promotions on your online ordering system frontend menu and convert them to loyal returning customers. Re-marketing becomes even easier when you can use tabulations of the best-selling item to understand their preferences and strategize accordingly.

#3 Customised online ordering system frontend menu

Minimise Marketing Costs Without Compromising Sales

As for new customers, online marketing can be just as effective as traditional channels but at a much lower cost to F&B owners. The Oddle online ordering system’s frontend menu integrates seamlessly with the Call-to-action button on your Facebook page or link from Google ads. With a beautiful online ordering menu that customers can slowly browse through at their own leisure, you can be sure to attract more online customers to place orders through the online ordering system. Thus, you’ll get an advantage over fellow F&B business owners from a low cost online ordering system.

Third-party online ordering marketplaces like FoodPanda are another alternative for online ordering. It can be used to market to first-time customers. However, it’s easy to lose the attention of your customers on third-party online ordering marketplaces. Hence, the necessity of your own frontend menu on an online ordering system — customised from menu banner, favicon right down to your brand colours. Redirecting new customers to your online ordering system’s frontend menu not only reinforces your brand image in their mind, it also reduces the possibility of them getting distracted by your competitors on third-party online ordering marketplaces. In the long run, the online ordering system tailored to your brand and delivery needs gets you an edge over others for your F&B online ordering business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these quick bites in our series on the advantages of online ordering systems.

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