Most Important Facebook Ads Objectives For F&B Owners

Facebook allows business owners to choose one objective for their Ads before they begin creating them. Today, we will share with you how you can appropriate six Facebook objectives to your F&B brands.

#1 Boost your posts

Page Post Engagement

This objective increases the visibility of a particular post on your page. If you post a status update about your online ordering platform on your Facebook Business page, it will promote that post and raise the awareness amongst your potential customers.

#2 Promote your page

Page Likes

Use this objective to increase Facebook page likes, and connect with your potential consumers. Promoting your page is especially useful for your new eateries, or if you just launched a new Facebook page. More likes will lead to more people seeing your status updates, hence resulting in higher engagement on your posts.

#3 Send people to your website

Clicks To Website

Direct your potential customers to your website or online ordering platform using this objective. It is one of the most, if not the most, useful objectives for F&B owners because it encourages your target audience to click the link to your online ordering platform and purchasing your food products.

#4 Increase conversions on your website

Website Conversions

This objective allows you to track how many people purchase your products after accessing your online ordering platform through the Ads. Using the statistics provided by this objective, you can better craft a page that increases the conversion rate on your online ordering platform. Before creating this type of Ads, you need to create a conversion pixel.

#5 Reach customers located around your outlet

Local Awareness

With this objective, you can raise awareness about your brand to the people around the perimeter of your outlet. Doing so will be beneficial in educating your potential customers about the pick-up service that your outlet offers. Besides, if you only deliver to an area a few kilometers from your outlet, you will prompt your potential customers to think about your brand the next time they want to order-in.

For those in Central Business District (CBD) area, this is effective in reaching out to the office workers around the area.

#6 Get People to Claim Your Offer

Offer Claims

Devise discount or promotion codes that your customers can claim while they are ordering your food online. This objective is optimised to attract potential consumers’ attention to engage your store by telling them that they are entitled to an offer when purchasing from your online store.

If you aim for at least one of the six objectives listed here, you can start looking forward to reaching out to your potential consumers, and therefore increase your online ordering business revenue.

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