Get Your Food Business Ready for Chinese New Year

Before we know it, it’s that time of the year again. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and both consumers and businesses will find themselves gearing up for the widely celebrated occasion. It is no surprise that this festive season is an important time for food businesses, with food comprising a huge part of the festivities. We can expect to see consumers fretting over where to have their yearly reunion dinner, and goods stores bustling with people stocking up on their favourite festive snacks for when friends and family visit. While the Chinese New Year season presents itself as a huge opportunity for food businesses all around, you may be losing the chance to grow your business if it is not fully prepared to handle the festive boom and compete with the plethora of choices available to consumers.

To maximise the full potential of your food business, adopting an online ordering system and providing online food delivery can be the ultimate strategy to help effectively grow your business.

Making the most out of the festive boom

Let’s look at the surge in business during the Chinese New Year season. While successful marketing campaigns can help your food business reach out to a large number of potential customers, the lack of space and manpower poses huge limitations in catering for that demand. Not to mention potential customers who are interested in your offerings but do not seek out your restaurant due to deterrent factors such as distance and timing. Despite the festive season bringing about an increased number of potential customers, you can be letting a significant portion of them slip away. Implementing an online ordering system can act as a solution to make your food business more available to consumers.

Cater to every potential customer

An online ordering system serves as a one-stop solution to provide and manage online delivery, which ensures that you can continue to receive business from potential customers that you would otherwise have to turn away. By launching your food business online, the availability of your business will not have to depend on the availability of your staff. Even when your restaurant staff have their hands full, interested customers can still browse your online menu and complete the ordering and payment process on their own. This can all be done in their convenience, anytime and anywhere they want on an online ordering menu that is compatible with personal devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Already delivering food? Do it better with an online ordering system

Maki-San online ordering menu

If your food business already offers food delivery in some form (e.g. taking in delivery orders via phone calls), moving your business online and using an online ordering system can help to simplify the process and minimise effort required. For a start, a comprehensive online menu and automated processing of orders will free your staff of time-consuming tasks such as describing the menu, dealing with indecisive customers and getting confused by large orders. During a busy period like Chinese New Year, staff are more prone to mistakes as they juggle requests from an increased traffic of customers. Automated orders eliminate mistakes caused by human error and allow staff to track all orders within the system. The ease of use and reliability of an online ordering system can create a better experience. If your food business is closed over the festive season, you can use the system to choose block-off dates for collection days. This will help prevent customers from making wasted trips to your restaurant, especially if you don’t have your own website to announce festive closure dates.

Entice customers with festive promotions

Many food businesses will be planning to introduce special menus and roll out promotions in light of the festive spirit. However, consumers may not be very well aware of what’s in store before they step into your restaurant. One of the great advantages of using an online ordering system is the customisability of your online menu. You can easily update your online menu to display the latest offerings and carry out promotions in a more effective manner online. The increase in business during the festive period can also mean your goods or food items get sold out quickly. If any menu items run out, you can simply update your online menu to reflect out-of stock items.

You can prepare your food business this festive season, by making use of an online ordering system to:

(1)   Capture the demand from all potential customers you’ve reached and convert them to business sales

(2)   Eliminate down-time altogether and make your food business available to customers 24/7 and regardless of location

(3)   Simplify and automate order-taking and delivery processes to reduce error and confusion, creating a better experience for customers and encouraging them to return

(4)   Create and manage event-based promotions and update them real-time

(5)   Generate reports and track your business to understand how you can better grow your business through online delivery

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