15 Awesome Food Deliveries in KL during the MCO

Almost all of us have been stuck at home for as long as when the MCO was implemented. It has just been announced that we are going to be in it for another 2 weeks, and that is if there is no further extension after!

Just in case you are sick of your usual meals in the past few weeks, we have put together a list of local eateries you probably didn’t know to provide delivery service in Kuala Lumpur!

– Local Favourites –

1. Tiga Budak Gemok | https://tigabudakgemok.oddle.me

Tiga Budak Gemok (TGB) serves authentic local nasi delights with their very own secret recipe and finest ingredients. Take a look at their Nasi Tiga Budak Gemok Ayam/Daging Montel, that’ll be your go-to food during this MCO period!

2. Baba Can Cook | https://babacancook.oddle.me

Crafted with the traditional recipe which is taught by his mother, Uncle John, the founder of Baba Can Cook serves one of the best Nyonya Laksa available in town.

3. Nasi Lemak Saleha | https://nasilemaksaleha.oddle.me/

From a humble stall to becoming a household favorite, Nasi Lemak Saleha has spent their lifetime experimenting with Nasi Lemak menu that will satisfy your nasi lemak cravings.

– Salad Bowls –

4. Fittie Sense | https://fittiesense.oddle.me

Fittie SenseNot to be mistaken for the American Rapper, Fifty Cents – is one of the local F&B players who put a lot of attention to your health and also the quality of their food. From homemade cookies, wellness kit to the salad bowl and beefy main-course, they have it all!

5. Kurin | https://kurin.oddle.me

Healthy salad bowl at its best! Kurin is dedicated serve the freshest and healthiest salad bowl. Apart from serving all of us meaty Earthlings, they also have specialized bowl dedicated for vegans as well – Teriyaki Torched Tofu Healthy Bowl, don’t miss this!

– Chinese Food – 

6. 8Haus | https://8haus.oddle.me

Remember seeing the Pork Roulade video that was viral on all the social media where everybody was sharing it? Yea, we think there’s no need for much introduction. 8Haus’ crispy-skinned pork roulade is definitely the king of it all!

7. Hotpot Kitchen | https://hotpotkitchen.oddle.me

You know it from the name, Hotpot Kitchen is one of the most authentic hotpot providers in Kuala Lumpur. From Vege Hotpot Set to Chicken/Beef Hotpot set, they’ve been famously known for serving good portion and freshest hotpot. Get yours now! Psst, be careful of the spice, it might be too hot for you to handle.

9. Din Tai Fung | http://dintaifung.oddle.me/

Din Tai Fung is no stranger to most Malaysians. A glance through their menu, Din Tai Fung’s pork chop fried rice is definitely the one thing to die for! So wait no further, click onto the link and order now!

– Western Food –

9. Down to Bones | https://downtobones.oddle.me

Look no further if you’re looking for authentic western cuisine! For ribs lover, Down To Bone’s Ultra Ribs and Super Ribs will blow your mind away as it tasted one of a kind! As for ayam lovers, they have the improved Chicken V2.0 dedicated for you as well!

– Korean/Thai –

10. Sweetree | https://sweetree.oddle.me

Located near Ampang, Sweetree serves one of the most authentic Korean dishes every available as they are crafted and prepared by Korean chefs that are originated from Korea! Whether you’re a Kimchi lover, Bibimbap lover, or Bulgogi lover, trust us, go into their menu and you won’t be left disappointed.

11. Moo-Ka-Ta | https://mookata.oddle.me/en_MY/

Mooooo ~ Ya looking for some Thai BBQ and street food? Well here’s the place to order from! Having to serve Thai food for many years, Moo-Ka-Ta‘s team is equipped with vast knowledge on how to make just the right flavor of Thai Food for us all.

– Bakery –

12. Tommy Le Baker | https://tommylebaker.oddle.me

If you know Tommy Lee, you know Tommy only serves good kinds of stuff! Having to have traveled the world to learn the mastery of making bread, Tommy’s bread is definitely one-of-a-kind. Ever wanted to try some sandwiches with Roast Ribeye Steak? Heh, you know which link to click into!

13. Delicioso by Mia | https://deliciosobymia.oddle.me

Delicioso By Mia produces some of the most affordable and delicious cakes available. From Sour Cream Butter Cake to Raspberry Butter Cake, they have it all! Premium quality homemade desserts just a few clicks away.

– Sweets/Fingerfood –

14. Garsa Kitchen | https://garsakitchen.oddle.me

They are undoubtedly one of the leading finger food providers in town! If you’re looking for Sandwiches packages for your COVID-19 Family Party (you can still have fun during lock-down, don’t exceed 5 people okay?) or appetizers and doughnuts, let Garsa Kitchen take care of it.

15. Tetangga Kita | https://tetanggakita.oddle.me/en_MY/

Martabak Manis, or known as the sweet-stuffed pancake is Tetangga Kita‘s signature finger food that you need to get! You’re a fan of Milo? Yeap, they have it in their Martabak Manis. A fan of cheddar cheese? They got you covered too.

Bonus – Online Groceries! 

1. Agrofresh | https://agrofresh.oddle.me/en_MY/

If you’re looking for fresh vegetables for your meals, this is the place to go! Agrofresh Malaysia sells one of the freshest vegetables available straight from Kinta Valley! So wait no longer, get yours now!

2. Berkat Madinah | https://berkatmadinah.oddle.me/en_MY/

Berkat Madinah sells imported goods from Arabic countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Syria and the UAE. They believe that a healthy and fulfilling life is one that is based on the sound principals of Islam. therefore, their main aim is to spread the idea of healthy food that is based on the concepts and traditions of Islam. Get it right away!

3. Taiwan Recipe | https://taiwanrecipe.oddle.me/en_MY

Taiwanese Food Lover, look no further! Taiwan Recipe sells one of the most convenient frozen Taiwanese food that you can find in Malaysia, all you need to do is to click that link above and you’ll find the whole Taiwan in your web browser!

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