5 Mistakes Restaurants Make With Their Food Ordering Systems

Moving your restaurant online and having your own online ordering system, you are on your way to receiving greater orders. However, you might not be aware of the blunders you could have been making along the way. Here, we include 5 most significant mistakes restaurants are making and what you are the remedies for them.

1)    Ambiguous CTA (call to action)

Instead of a simple Add to Cart button, or a plus/minus button to change the quantity of a certain dish, many restaurants often commit the faux pas of creating ambiguity in the name of being unique. Words like “Submit” (sounds like customers and their consent forms/surveys) or “Buy Now” (does it mean the customer has to immediately pay for every individual item that he/she intends to purchase?) or “Click here” (what follows?) just doesn’t have the same call to action effect it has on customers than a simple “Add to Cart”.  Online ordering to some customers might seem like a complex issue, especially so for those who aren’t as tech savvy so it's best to keep words like these simple and straightforward.

2)    The missing link

Many restaurant owners are active on at least 1 of the 3 major social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook being the most frequently used platforms for most restaurants, is a tool you should fully maximise by embedding your shopping cart at the top of your Facebook page with a “Shop Now” button. This allows you to direct your customers to your shopping cart because how else would they know you have an online food ordering system they might be waiting to place their orders on. They probably wouldn’t know they can order from your restaurant online until you show them the call to action “Shop now” button. This applies if you have a website as well, you are able to link your shopping cart to the “Order online” on your website. 

3)    Lack of restaurant marketing

Restaurants operations are especially hectic during peak periods and this is where restaurant owners usually commit one major fallacy. Due to the business, businesses fail to mention about their shopping carts/ online food ordering systems to their customers. However, it really doesn’t take that long for your employees (waiters/ cashier) to let your customers know that if they are keen to make orders for delivery or pickups they can do so online. Sneak them a glance of your system at the payment counter so that they know of its presence. This is the kind of restaurant marketing; restaurant owners should be executing to attract more customers to place their orders online.

4)    Menu update


Restaurant owners should treat their menus like assets! They drive customers to make orders. However, many restaurant owners tend to forget the need to update their menu when there are new food items or even leave out pictures of their dishes. Loyal customers would probably know what they are ordering from the names on the menu, but new customers don’t. Even for promotional/ seasonal items, it should be regularly updated accordingly, so customers are aware that they have to place their orders within this specific period to enjoy the promotional benefits.  

5)   Theme/brand inconsistency 

It’s quite common to see restaurant owners with their own food ordering systems having a rather inconsistent theme/ brand and display across their shopping carts as well as their social media platforms. It actually makes it harder for customers to identify and associate all these different platforms as one restaurant, they might even think it belongs to different restaurants and hence wouldn’t be sure if it’s the right site to place their orders on. Work with a provider that allows you to customize this area to make it rightfully yours, and for customers to be assured that they are ordering from the right merchant.

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