Food Delivery Is The Next Big Thing: How To Be Part Of It

Global Food delivery space is heating up with all the huge investments - China food delivery industry has just gotten more exciting with the astonishing $1.25 billion investment Alibaba has ploughed in Grain in Singapore managed to clinch a significant amount of funding of $1.7 million. London-based delivery service, Jinn raised $7.5 million while in late march, Frichti, French delivery service achieved $13.4 million fund. Even Nokia and Skype in the technology industry are stepping into the food delivery space by investing in a Finnish Food Delivery app.

Food Delivery Space is a gold mine

The potential of this golden mine is the reason why there are so many investments in food delivery space lately. Only $9 billion out of the $70 billion take away and food delivery US Market has come online - leaving the $61 billion waiting to be exploited. It’s your call to find your share in this gold mine.

The first step is not necessarily the toughest

Grain and Munchery are perfect examples of how you can create an online presence for your F&B business while being cost efficient and effective in expanding it. A central kitchen and a website are all it needs. To increase its cost efficiency in logistics, it sets predesignated zones and deliver to these places for customers to pick up when there are sufficient orders.  

The thought of bringing your business online can be frightening with a certain extent of risk. Creating it right from the scratch may seem tedious and almost impossible - especially when the cost of setting up a website and online store is often frightening. It doesn’t necessarily need to be. What makes a good alternative will be a platform like Shopify or Oddle that helps you to create and customise your own website with a personal domain which many have neglected.

Step-by-step guide to own an online store

To start off, here are a few aspects that you should take into consideration when you create your own online Ordering System:

#Step 1: Set up a website

The importance of personal branding has always been the core for most businesses. (Arrange a free personal consultation for your F&B business here) Let’s face it, there are way too many F&B businesses. Having your own voice helps you to stand out from the clutter. By setting up a website with your own personal domain, it helps you to differentiate yourself from the other food brands that are on marketplaces like Foodpanda, Deliveroo and more.

The fundamental step of creating an online presence is to have an online ordering system, regardless if its apps or websites, for customers to order from. Instead of splurging money on engaging web developers for a personal website, Oddle provides you with a domain that has your brand name and creates a website that is tailored and customised based on your brand colours and menu.


#Step 2: Make it simple to manage orders

A hungry man is an angry man. When it comes to serving hungry customers, the last thing you want is to mess up their orders.

Being meticulous is the best trait anyone can have, but you can make your life easier by handling orders through a clean and sleek interface. Do not underestimate the power of a proper order management  system -  it can eliminate all the miscommunication you have been facing when it’s just you with your pen and paper.

Advance order is a key ingredient for startups that would like to follow Grain’s concept. Regardless if you are going for Grain’s model (only accept advance orders) or take orders on demand (anytime), our system allows you to set a lead time for them from 30 minutes to 5 days.

#Step 3: Choice of pick-up

When you are new to this, you might want to take it slow and not offer island-wide delivery. Using our system functions of allowing pick up at your physical store and setting your own delivery zones, you can tap on the creative approach adopted by Grain. By offering mass deliveries to a few locations for customers to pick up at these places, Grain is able to reduce delivery trips and help customers to save on delivery fees.


#Step 4: Being anywhere, everywhere

If you are considering island-wide delivery to increase your reach, good news is that there is a myriad of choices such as Uber, Grab, Lalamove and more that you can choose from. Understanding that finding a suitable partner is tedious and time-consuming, Oddle works with third-party logistics to ensure that your food arrives at your consumers safely. 


#Step 5: Being there for the ones that matter

The customer is king. And you want your king to be happy. Going the extra mile for them and providing personalised service will make your customers feel privileged and exclusive. By incorporating a live chat on your website, you are able to provide convenience for your customers, provide them with tailored replies and have a better customer service. Here are some of our recommendations: Zopim,

Having a Facebook page is no longer enough (everyone has it), you need more than that. Give your customers a gentle push to know more about what you can offer by putting a call to action button on your page that link them to your online website to build a stronger food e-commerce business - which by now, you should know what to look out for when you create one.


Looking to be part of the next big thing?

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